Combining our expertise in hygiene with the new world of robotics

Hygiene with automation

Technology in the cleaning and hygiene sector is growing faster than ever, with different types of automation changing the way that businesses operate. At ISM, we’re passionate about innovation and therefore we’re incredibly proud to welcome fully automated sweepers and floor scrubber- dryers to our fleet of machines.

Operatives will be able to programme the machine to run along planned routes that can be customised with particular settings for each area in order to accommodate various hygiene requirements

We are

Passionate about what we do

Our autonomous cleaning machines will work alongside your staff, thereby easing concerns relating to staff shortages whilst increasing productivity, improving health & safety, cleaning consistency and outcomes.

Benefits of robotic cleaning machines:

  • Substantial Energy Saving
  • Increased Health & Safety
  • Water & Chemical Usage Reduction
  • Increase cleaning efficiencies and consistency
Automatic systems optimise the cleaning process
Data is transfered to the cloud for tracking and review

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