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Neo by Avidbots

Whilst automation is still very much in its early days and there will be significant developments over the years, we feel extremely confident that even now, there are solutions that Sainsbury’s could greatly benefit from.

Neo is the industry leading autonomous floor cleaning robot, powered by a software platform that provides dynamic mapping capabilities and real-time obstacle avoidance.

By implementing Neo, the autonomous floor cleaning robot, benefits will include; increased productivity, 24/7 floor cleaning and much more.


Interchangeable Battery

Water Usage Reductions

Health & Safety Benefits

Improved Efficiencies

The future of floor cleaning

Discover the features that make Neo the world’s best autonomous floor-cleaning robot

The robotic software provides a live dashboard of information, highlighting machine usage, cleaning maps, productivity statistics and contains useful tools that enable the user to schedule in a service or maintenance visit. All ISM Management can have visibility of this dashboard, which allows our head office teams to check machine statuses and our continuous improvement team to monitor the data to review potential efficiencies.

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To begin with, Neo will map the the site and produce a cleaning plan. Neo will then use this plan for every journey it takes, using onboard sensors to examine the space at the beginning of each clean. Neo will determine the best route to maximise the cleaning productivity while minimising human disruption.

State-of-the-art technology combined with lights, turn signals, other visual aids and audible alerts makes Neo the best in keeping the operational environment safe.

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