mobile security services

ISM Mobile security services provide alarm response and key hold management, industrial and commercial unlocking and lock services, mobile patrols, lone worker support and personnel protection services..

ISM Facilities Services SecurityOur security operators are multi skilled and fully trained to provide a full range of site management services including site entry point checks and maintenance, site equipment checks and fault reporting windows security checks, fire exit checks,electrical plant and equipment checks, loading and unloading bay checks, and site / building / perimeter alarm management.

Mobile security teams provide a cost effective multi site service and are highly effective in preventing criminal activity.

ISM do not use the traditional barcode security check systems placed at agreed inspection points that other security providers provide.

ISM security use the latest GPS workforce management devices which provide real time data to all stakeholders. This data provides instant access to where the security operators are, where they have been and provides historical data for criminal investigation and auditing.

ISM provide remote aerial patrol services. Our drones are equipped with high definition and infrared cameras and provide real time pedestrian and vehicular intruder information.  All our operators are licensed by the civil aviation authority and fully trained in safe operating procedures.


  • office
  • warehouse
  • floor
  • high level
  • car parks
  • retail
  • chiller and freezer
  • evaporator
  • production line
  • machinery and plant
  • truck and trailer
  • cladding
  • builders cleans
  • line mark cleaning
  • roof and guttering
  • drain
  • recycling and waste management
  • pallet bay
  • yard

  • manned solutions
  • cctv solutions
  • site access control
  • warehouse
  • car park
  • reception and telephone services
  • mobile solutions

  • tree maintenance
  • hedge and shrub maintenance
  • grass cutting and strimming
  • herbicide spraying
  • turf management
  • planting and design
  • hard landscape maintenance
  • stump grinding
  • chipping and mulching

  • painting
  • basic plumbing
  • basic carpentry
  • basic production machinery and plant
  • general
  • roof and guttering
  • drain

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