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ISM Facilities Services LandscapingFrom major hard landscape projects, arboricultural works to general maintenance our highly trained and experienced teams will leave your site looking tidy and well maintained.

ISM can maintain all aspects of your exterior landscaping and provide a monthly audit and work report that keeps you up to date, we also enjoy advising on improvements that can be made to enhance your site.

Our landscaping teams work in a variety of locations including warehouses, production sites and maintenance facilities. We deliver high quality landscape maintenance at competitive rates for corporate, industrial and public sector clients throughout the UK.

We have developed and refined planting and maintenance programs that manage and appreciate the value of our client’s landscapes and deliver unsurpassed customer service.

  • Site clearance and preparation including stump removal
  • No Burn achieved through mulching and chipping leaving processed material on site to reduce environmental impact through haulage.
  • Right of way clearance.
  • Easement strips for access, CCTV visibility and engineering service installation.
  • Individual tree removal, crown lift, deadwood, reduction, crown clean, thin.
  • Tree maintenance around site access points and encroachment issues with buildings and services.
  • Hedge and shrub maintenance
  • Grass cutting, formal and informal areas maintained to suit
  • Kerb line and block paved areas cleared of weeds, sand and soil ingress.
  • Spraying: Site specific chemicals can be used depending on the clients requirements.
  • Different areas can be cleared with different products. Schedules for spray maintenance.
  • Selective herbicides can be used remove weeds and improve grass.
  • Turf management: Top dressing, de thatching, de-compaction can be used to improve the grass.
  • Shrubbed areas can be layered with woodchip to control weeds and reduce the need to apply chemicals
  • Planting, schemes and plans to suit specific areas of the site.

  • office
  • warehouse
  • floor
  • high level
  • car parks
  • retail
  • chiller and freezer
  • evaporator
  • production line
  • machinery and plant
  • truck and trailer
  • cladding
  • builders cleans
  • line mark cleaning
  • roof and guttering
  • drain
  • recycling and waste management
  • pallet bay
  • yard

  • manned solutions
  • cctv solutions
  • site access control
  • warehouse
  • car park
  • reception and telephone services
  • mobile solutions

  • tree maintenance
  • hedge and shrub maintenance
  • grass cutting and strimming
  • herbicide spraying
  • turf management
  • planting and design
  • hard landscape maintenance
  • stump grinding
  • chipping and mulching

  • painting
  • basic plumbing
  • basic carpentry
  • basic production machinery and plant
  • general
  • roof and guttering
  • drain

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