why use ISM?

We are confident that whether you already outsource, or this is your first time, ISM can use its 21st century service to support you and deliver continuous measurable improvement and cost savings. Our expertise in varied fields of service delivery will provide you with a site specific solution that removes the traditional ‘one size fits all’ low quality service normally experienced throughout other large mainstream service providers. At ISM everyone understands why we are different and how we can make a difference to your business. We are passionate about providing you with the highest standards and look forward to demonstrating how we can support your services so that you can concentrate on your core business.

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what makes us different

Our people and your people are the key to success. Easy to understand systems and schedules that all stakeholders can follow and understand means that ISM and client  teams can integrate and work together to achieve the highest standards. Full training in many aspects for all staff ensure a motivated, passionate workforce with low turnover ensuring continuity. Staff bonus and recognition schemes as well as weekly audit meetings  ensure our people strive for improved results.

ISM FS is at the forefront of innovative support services in the UK. From manufacturers and suppliers to clients and internally, we are constantly designing ways to improve. Delivery of hygiene, recycling and security services are integrated using highly efficient processes and systems designed by ISM. We invite prospective clients to visit existing ISM contracts  to experience first hand the impact our process, system and equipment innovations have on site. Being a national company who have focused on innovation from the start, our staff and clients are fully conversant with maintaining a forum for continuous change.

ISM FS invests extensively in the latest technology and systems that demand minimal input from our clients (so they can concentrate on their key activities). These transparent reporting systems provide maximum management information for client stakeholders and ISM managers.  From on site information boards to our real time cloud networking tools, we ensure you have instant access to the information you require whilst transferring the time and responsibility of management to our expert teams.

ISM FS has always had a fully transparent approach to delivery. We deliver a proactive, flexible service to our clients. ISM FS believe that while it is important to make sure core tasks are completed, we actively challenge our teams and challenge our clients to deliver additional daily tasks within the contract to provide every day contract value.

Whether you’re considering outsourcing your services for the first time or you’ve been doing it for years, our delivery of services and extensive experience mean that ISM will increase efficiencies, lower and fix costs and improve performance at your site.

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